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Empowering You To Build Confidence and  Capability, Increasing The Value Of Your Career Currency In The Corporate Economy

Coaching With Impact

Empowering You To Take Charge Of Your Career

Are you an assistant that wants to improve your skills but you don't know where to start? Do you struggle to assert yourself or feel invisible at times? Do you want the confidence to handle difficult situations and people more effectively? Are you looking for career coaching that supports and guides you?

If any of these questions has you saying 'Yes, Yes, Yes', my one-to-one E.F.F.E.C.T.I.V.E.® career coaching is the answer.

I work with EAs, Business Support and Admin Professionalsthat want to feel more confident in their abilities.

They're looking for a supportive career coach and trusted confidante to help them. My career coaching for executive assistants is designed to suit your needs. So you (and your manager) can rest assured that you're getting the support you need when you need it. My E.F.F.E.C.T.I.V.E. Methodology is based around The Linchpin Model and Assistant Competency Model. These empower you with the strategic competencies and skills that elevate your effectiveness and enable you to operate in the Linchpin zone.

Career coaching is suitable for assistants that:


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  • Want a one-to-one, face-to-face coaching experience. You'll have a voice in a safe, judgement-free environment to talk about your career needs and goals.
  • Need help to get clarity around particular issues and blockages that stop you from advancing in your career.
  • Want to feel empowered to step up, enhance your skills and contribute more to your boss, and organisation
  • Would like solution-focused and strengths-based coaching that increases your productivity

All training takes into account the practical skills and outcomes you'd like to achieve. It's also linked to the value you'd like to bring to your boss and their priorities. You'll have the support you need when you need it. My one-to-one career coaching will make you feel like a weight has lifted, and you'll gain the confidence and skills to support your boss.

Career Coach & Mentor

Support for your Assistant roleis only a call away

E. Elevated view

 We start by getting you to lift your gaze and see the potential for you as an individual as well and as a strategic partners to your leader.

F. Find starting point

We leverage psychometric assessments (I am DiSC accredited) to gain clarity around your style and preferences and how that may be impacting your career growth and your effectiveness.

F. Feedback 360

Key stakeholders are selected and interviewed to gain insights and feedback.

E. Engineer S.M.A.A.R.T. Goals

Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Based goals are explored and established to ensure that the coaching is action and results oriented.


C. Cultivate Confidence

A key component of the coaching program is supporting coachees to understand the confidence spiral and develop practices to cultivate their confidence.

T. Training

Coaching clients are given access to the Linchpin Assistant Academy® to leverage audio, video and workbooks to facilitate e-learning and reinforce coaching sessions.

I. Implementation plan

Defining goals and expectations at the outset and frequent checkpoints to ensure we are outcome focused.

V. Value Star

Supporting coachees to identify their five-pointed value star is an activity that enables them to gain clarity around their Unique Value Proposition and confidently articulate it when required.

E. Evolve effectiveness

The overarching goal of my coaching program is to educate, empower and elevate them into the Linchpin zone which only happens when they have moved from being efficient to being truly effective.

'What I know is that without developing your POWER skills you aren't capable of stepping up into that top quadrant and being truly respected and valued for the contribution you make.'

Liz Van Vliet, The Linchpin Assistant

Liz Van Vliet - My EA Career

Working Together

Coaching For aspiring Linchpin Assistants Includes:

  • 90-minute face-to-face sessions

    so we'll have plenty of time to chat and you'll feel comfortable to discuss things openly and honestly

  • Sessions tailored to your individual needs and career goals

    so you know you're getting the best possible advice and support for your career

  • Outcomes-based and practical coaching

    so you'll know what goals you're working towards, and you'll have the resources to achieve them

  • Cheat sheets, Templates, Workbooks

    so you'll know what goals you're working towards, and you'll have the resources to achieve them

  • 30 minute stakeholder interview

    at the start of the program so you can rest assured that you're learning the practical skills that are directly related to the expectations of your role

  • Reflections & Reminders Document

    to guide your coaching journey and help you achieve your goals

  • Otter.AI Transcription of each coaching call

    to suit your needs, so you'll have the support you need when you need it the most

  • Access to The Linchpin Assistant e-learning platform

    to suit your needs, so you'll have the support you need when you need it the most

Moving Foward

Executive Assistant Coaching That Gets Your Career Moving

Coaching Outcomes For EAs:

You'll be better equipped to objectively consider what's important to you, what motivates you and what discourages you

Clarity about your career goals and agree on a pathway and get support to achieve them

Higher levels of motivation and know-how to perform at your best

Finer communication skills and the confidence you need to influence without authority and show up as a mindful leader

You will be strategically useful and be a linchpin that your boss can't live without

Coaching Outcomes For Managers and Organisations:

An agile, productive and confident EA that makes your job easier

A strengthened partnership and better collaboration because your EA will be able to anticipate your needs confidently

An EA that protects your time and makes quality decisions on your behalf

A professional EA that knows how to support your path to success by helping you accomplish your goals and the strategic priorities of the organisation

An EA that can you can trust and rely upon to support you in the significant and complex challenges of your role

Client Love

'Liz has been an incredible coach & mentor to me over the past two years and has helped to build my confidence and capability in my role as an Executive Assistant. I love Liz's 10 Power Skills and firmly believe that every EA no matter the level of experience can benefit from her content.

I firmly believe that I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of Liz. She has been instrumental in my development and strongly recommend anyone who is looking to become more confident and build their capability as an EA to look no further than Liz.'

Eliza Viola


Executive Assistant to the CEO,

Cotton On Group

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Liz Van Vliet

Liz works with executive and administrative assistants to equip them with the skills and confidence they need to influence more effectively and to demonstrate the leadership and interpersonal skills to make them a linchpin to their manager and organisation.