Powerful Training For Administrative Support Professionals That Enables Them To Be The 'Little Hinges Swinging Big Doors' For Managers & Organisations

Developing EAs, PAs and Assistants to be Effective Not Just Efficient.

Training With Impact

Training for Administrative Support Professionals that builds confidence and capabilities - with real results!

Do you want to be more confident, more productive and have the skills you need to offer exceptional support to your manager? Do you work with a team of administrative professionals that also want to power up their potential and be seen as more than just assistants?

The Linchpin Assistant training for administrative professionals will educate, empower and elevate you. You'll gain the confidence to build a supportive and influential relationship with your manager or managers. And you'll learn the interpersonal skills you need to become a high-performing linchpin that your manager can't do without.


I base my training on The Linchpin Model and Assistant Competency Model. They're my tried and tested models that empower assistants with the practical, tactical and strategic competencies they need to elevate their effectiveness.

Training for Administrative Professionals is suitable for organisations that:


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  • Have a team of Executive Assistants or other Administrative Assistants
  • Want to improve communication between EAs and their managers so they become more effective in their roles and better at executing the organisation's strategic priorities
  • Want to optimise their time and trust that EAs can protect their manager's valuable time and handle difficult situations

All training is designed to suit the specific learning outcomes of your organisations Assistants, managers and the organisation. You'll see an immediate improvement in your support staffs' confidence and in their ability to support their manager effectively not just efficiently.

Training Inclusions

Training for Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants & Team Assistants includes:

  • Customised in-house or virtual training for your team

    freeing up time, energy and money

  • Key stakeholder interviews

    conducted before the training sessions so you can rest assured that you've invested your training budget wisely 

  • Outcomes-based and practical training

    where you'll know what goals we're working towards and have the resources and useful tools to achieve them

  • All handouts and materials are provided

    so you can refer back to them should you need to

  • A straight-forward booking process

    so you can get back to what you do best

  • No charge for participants that are unable to attend

    saving your training budget

  • BONUS participant access to my private membership community

    for extra support and collaboration.

'My focus is always on creating a learning environment where participants can reflect, learn, share and practise new skills and concepts that will help them thrive not just survive in their roles.'

Liz Van Vliet, Founder & Managing Director, The Linchpin Assistant.

Liz Van Vliet - My EA Career

Proven Outcomes

Administrative Professional training programs for modern, dynamic assistants

Outcomes for Assistants:

Better equipped to objectively consider what's important to you, what motivates you and what discourages you

Clearer career goals and an agreed pathway to achieve them

Greater confidence in your own ability and the tools you need to perform at your best

A greater sense of security and assurance that you're able to contribute value to your manager

Higher performance levels and the ability to be proactive, not reactive

Being strategically effective and a linchpin to your manager and organisation

Outcomes for Leaders, Managers and Organisations:

A more agile, productive and responsive Linchpin Assistant supporting your strategic priorities

A Linchpin Assistant that protects your time, makes quality decisions and advocates on your behalf

A proactive Linchpin Assistant that anticipates your needs and plans accordingly

A Linchpin Assistant that's better equipped to overcome difficult situations and lead with influence

A trustworthy and dependable Linchpin Assistant that solves problems effectively and is able to master their time, and yours

I approached Liz to present to a small group of (10) EA's within our company and she not only held the floor, but had a fabulous impression on the team also. She provided various take away thoughts, colloquial comments and recommended action plans for us to be our best selves, not only in our professional but personal lives also. Thanks again Liz!

Sherida Bolling

EA to Chief Executive & Chief Financial Officer, Randstad

I would highly recommend this course. It was valuable to me in terms of thinking about not only my own skills and capabilities but how I actually demonstrate this and show up in the workplace.

Venessa Vivelis

Executive Assistant to the Managing Director Audi Australia

Liz was a speaker at one of our recent online events, and delivered a fantastic web session, which was very well received by those in attendance. Liz received fantastic feedback from the attendees for the relevance of her content, the energy of her online delivery, and the insights that she shared from her wealth of experience. Liz was a dream to work with, and made the process very easy from our end!

Isabelle Wofsenberger

Head of Product Delivery at The Hatchery

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Liz Van Vliet

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