Developing Aspiring Linchpin Assistants Just Like You!

Transforming EAs, PAs, Administrative Assistants and Business Support Professionals into Empowered, Strategic and Effective Linchpin Assistants Who Drive Outcomes For Their Business And Thrive In Their Life.


Developing Aspiring Linchpin Assistants Just Like You!

Transforming EAs, PAs, Administrative Assistants and Business Support Professionals into Empowered, Strategic and Effective Linchpin Assistants Who Drive Outcomes For Their Business And Thrive In Their Life.

Are You Ready To BecomeThe Linchpin Assistant You Know You Have The Potential To Be?

The definition of an Linchpin Assistant is...

Linchpin: a person or thing that holds something together: the most important part of a complex situation or system.

A Linchpin is the one person who brings it all together,and makes a difference.

Forward thinking organisations realise and prioritise the need to educate, empower and support creative thinkers, connectors and resourceful 'artists' in key EA, PA, Business Support and Administrative Professional roles.

The Linchpin is the key support player, the person that is hard to live without!

"If the purple cow is a product worth talking about, then the indispensable employee called a Linchpin is a person worth finding and keeping." - Seth Godin

My Services


One-to-one outcomes-based assistant coaching based on my E.F.F.E.C.T.I.V.E. Methodology® that enhances your skills and boosts your confidence so you can support your leader and your organisation more effectively.


Training purposefully designed to take you from being functionally effective to strategically capable and highly competent. You'll have the skills and the confidence you need to perform at your best.


Motivate your team and build their confidence with powerful insights and practical tools to help them stand out, and become more than just an assistant.  

Be Successful

Propel yourself into the Linchpin zone and thrive in your career and your life.

Do you want to contribute more but lack the confidence or skills? Do you want to go from feeling invisible to being assertive and capable?

Working as an Executive Assistant wasn't the 'all care, no responsibility' job that I thought it was going to be. I used all the skills and interpersonal abilities that I'd spent my entire working life building. I wasn't prepared for the complex nature of this role, but you can be.

As an experienced (and qualified) coach and trainer, I help executive and administrative assistants transform their mindset and find confidence. I'm all about helping you build the capabilities you need to achieve the career of your dreams.

But I haven't always been an EA. I've also had a successful career in blue-chip sales and marketing. And I'm committed to using my experience and knowledge to help you become more than just an assistant.

Executive Assistant Training and Development - My EA Career - This image is of laptop, pen and paper on desk. There's a female hand typing.

Assistant Training and DevelopmentThat Makes You Feel:


  • Empowered

    Feel in control, valued and trusted to make the right decisions.

  • Confident

    Be your best and have the confidence to influence and lead those around you.

  • Valued

    Know that your contribution is critical to the success of your manager and your organisation.

  • Prepared

    Be more perceptive, proactive and better aligned with the needs of your manager.

  • Successful

    Take action and take control of your career goals.

  • Motivated

    Be more productive, feel more creative and be happier at work. 

Meet Liz

Down-to-earth, generous and ready to shine a light on your executive assistant career

Liz Van Vliet Founder & Director The Linchpin Assistant

Hi there, I'm Liz, and I'm the face and expert behind The Linchpin Assistant.

An early-career administration role gave me first-hand experience in the complexity and growing demands of Professional Support roles. The effective models, frameworks and methodologies I developed to survive and thrive as a valued contributor went on to support my 25-year award-winning career in Corporate Sales in the technology sector.

Then in 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my life and career as I knew it came to a grinding halt. With the courage and support from my husband, our three beautiful daughters, family, and friends, I faced the fight of my life.

Recovering from invasive treatment, I came full circle, taking up an Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant role for a dynamic global business leader. He saw that although I didn't have the traditional Executive Assistant background, I had the frameworks, model, commercial, and business acumen to become a trusted partner and safe pair of hands.

As a self-motivated learner, I turned to podcasts as a resource and found nothing that looked at leadership and strategic thinking through the lens of an Executive Assistant, so I decided to start my own. My podcast Assist with Impact (previously Being Indispensable) was born. Now with over 250k downloads, it's supporting Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Business Support and Admin Professionals around the globe.

I can't wait to get to know you and help shine a light on your valuable contribution.

Client Love

Read what Linchpin Assistants I've worked with have to say about the experience...

Elle Yeung

Executive Assistant, Commonwealth Bank

'Genuinely cares for your career and wellbeing.'

It is rare to come across an individual who genuinely cares for your career and wellbeing. I had the pleasure of being coached and mentored by Liz during what was and still is one the most defining moments of my personal and work life. Liz's ability to handle the most difficult of situations effortlessly and it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. No matter what was going on, Liz made sure I left with a smile. Any administrator would be lucky to have Liz as their coach or mentor.

Venessa Vivelis

Executive Assistant to the Group Managing Director, Volkswagen Group Australia

'I found Liz's wealth of knowledge and resources to be extremely helpful.'

Through my coaching sessions with Liz, I feel that I have grown not only in my role as the EA to the Group MD but on a professional level in my career as an EA. I found Liz's style to be very encouraging, and Liz was able to put things into perspective in order to demonstrate the value I bring, how I show up, how I demonstrate my leadership capability and build my confidence so that I could do my job effectively and consider the pathway for my career progression.

Caitlyn Jones

Executive Assistant at Stile Education

'I couldn't recommend Liz highly enough.'

I came to know Liz through attending her online seminar series, Executive Assistant Upskilling & High Performance. I found this seminar series incredibly helpful to my professional development as an Executive Assistant, as Liz gave practical tips to implement in my day-to-day. Since, I have become an avid listener to her podcast, Assist With Impact, and have had the pleasure to meet with her personally for some assistance.

I couldn't recommend Liz highly enough. She has a wealth of knowledge that she passionately shares with her community, she is wonderfully kind and ever helpful.

Many thanks for your ongoing support and assistance, Liz.

Winning Outcomes

Linchpin Assistant Skills That Give You The Competitive Edge

I Work With Talented Assistants Who:

Want to feel less reactive and enjoy their job more

Want to feel appreciated and valued

Seek increased responsibilities

Would like the confidence to be more authoritative and influential

Are very capable on the technical side of their role but need a soft skills boost to help them better support their boss

Are very capable technically but need extra Power Skills to help them support their executive

Want to show up as a leader and better contribute to their boss's goals and their organisation's vision.

Outcomes for Assistants:

A level of trust and confidence that was previously not possible

Clearer career goals and an agreed-upon pathway to achieve them

Better ability to advocate for yourself

Higher performance levels and an increased awareness of how to deliver more value

A more developed and mindful leadership style

Being a strategically effective linchpin in your organisation

Outcomes For Leaders and Organisations:

A more agile, productive and responsive assistant to support your strategic priorities

An assistant that protects your time and makes quality decisions on your behalf, relieving the top-down burden you often face

An assistant that's better equipped to overcome difficult situations and lead through influence

Stronger team and stakeholder engagement and collaboration

Full support from your talented and dynamic Linchpin Assistant that adds to the success of the organisation's endeavours

Take Action

Are You Ready To Power Up Your Potential and Transform Your Career?

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Liz Van Vliet

Liz works with executive and administrative assistants to equip them with the skills and confidence they need to influence more effectively and to demonstrate the leadership and interpersonal skills to make them a linchpin to their manager and organisation.