How To Stay Calm Under PressureMay 23, 2017

28mins 20secs

Staying calm under pressure is an important skill for Indispensable assistants to focus on. In Episode 38 Liz shares what it means to be unflappable, why it matters and three techniques to focus on that will help you project an aura of calm when in reality you might be feeling anything but. 

Appearing to be unflappable requires us to control our primitive responses to stress and be less reactive. Having these three techniques in your kit bag will empower you to have control over your body language, your voice and your own internal responses to stressful situations.

Links to research & articles discussed in the episode:

7 Ways Leaders Maintain Their Composure In Difficult Times

Use Neuroscience To Remain Calm Under Pressure

Controlling Your Body Language In Stressful Situations


Listen to Art of Charm episode to get more tips on how to control your voice

The head/heart/gut approach

The Focused Leader – HBR Article

Being Indispensable Episode 5 – Amy Cuddy research

Being Indispensable Episode 14 – Practising mindfulness 

I’d love to hear your feedback on these techniques and how you stay calm under pressure. Email your feedback to liz@beingindispensable.com or connect with me on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn of course.

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