Roxanne Calder Interview: How EST10 Is Uncovering The Invisible InkJan 30, 2017

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As Founder and Managing Director of leading boutique office support recruitment company EST10, Roxanne Calder brings a fresh approach to the table. Roxanne established EST10 in 2010 and from the launch of the company has sought to differentiate EST10 from other recruiters through the way they engage with employers and candidates with integrity and demonstrating through their actions passion and a commitment to finding the very best talent. In fact over 80% of EST10s business comes from referrals and repeat business.

I was keen to interview Roxanne because I admire the way EST10 puts their money where their mouth is in the way they support the EA profession through their marketing activities including an annual EA of the year award and their sponsorship of development opportunities for EAs such as the EA Leadership Forum. In addition, EST10 sponsors opportunities for EAs to network and share their experiences at round table events and other organised events.

The key takeaways from my discussion with Roxanne include:

  • To become a sought after EA you must possess a high degree of EQ or Emotional Intelligence
  • EA’s at the top of their game demonstrate self control,
  • Their Executives value their trustworthiness and they are seen to have high standards of honesty and integrity.
  • EA’s must take responsibility for their own performance, being willing to ask ‘what can I improve on’ and being self-directed when it comes to their own development.
  • Motivation, empathy and social skills are the other key qualities that define a high level of EQ and these are also vital for an EA that seeks to develop a lasting career in the C-suite.
  • The time that can be saved if the recruitment process involves a conversation, however brief with the Executive. Roxanne sees this as invaluable to ensuring not just that the EA is a good match for the Executive but that the Executive is a good match for the EA. HR is obviously integral to the process but having the Executive engaged early on is going to only enhance the hiring process.

I love the fact that Roxanne herself is a successful female entrepreneur and we need to hear more of these stories. EST10 is over six years old and Roxanne herself has had an amazing career, starting out with a Bachelor of Arts, honing her skills in the recruitment industry and creating value now not just through her companies recruitment activities but as a business owner, employing women and developing women in business. She is a very capable and talented businesswomen and I was delighted that she agreed to be interviewed. 


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