Putting Your Best Font Forward

Why It’s Time To Boss Up Your Assistant Brand On a nearly daily basis I drive across something called the Spit Bridge.  It’s at a spot on Middle Harbour (an arm of Sydney Harbour) called not surprisingly “The Spit” and connects Sydney’s Lower North Shore to what’s known as the Northern Beaches. These suburbs run…

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Building Anything New Takes Time

It’s a stunning day here in Sydney today. We’re still in winter but it’s 19 degrees Celsius (66 degrees Fahrenheit) and our front porch is the perfect place to sit and eat my lunch. I’ve been out for a walk this morning with our dog Sally and absorbed the sights and sounds of Manly beach.…

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The ONE Thing You Must Have To Be Indispensable

One hundred and eleven episodes ago and what feels a LONG….LONG…LONG time ago I started a podcast called Being Indispensable. I was a novice at podcasting. A proverbial babe in the podcasting woods but I was so eager to learn.   The same could be said for the job I was doing at the time. I…

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Getting Tangled Up Managing Unrealistic Expectations

My EA Career

Last week I wrote a blog post ruminating on how Executive Assistants are the human equivalent of a Slinky. Bouncing forward The idea came to me because I had recently delivered a virtual presentation talking about how you as an Executive Assistant need to lead from where you are and not just bounce back but…

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Stepping Into Assertiveness

My EA Career - Stepping Into Assertiveness

I released a ‘Being’ episode of the podcast this week that was a road ramble on the topic of male entitlement. Big topic and my contribution is based on an experience I had waiting for an elevator last week. Basically the doors to the lift open and a man was standing in the elevator seemingly…

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Three Reasons To Get On The Podcast Bandwagon

My EA Career - Three Reasons to get on the podcast bandwagon

This blog post was initially titled ‘Get With The Podgram’. According to my 14 year old brains trust this was not a winning title. It’s a shame really. I quite liked it and may yet proceed with getting a t shirt made up with the slogan. My message is the same regardless. Let me give you…

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Three Books On My Reading List

My EA Career - Three books on my reading list

It’s possibly not surprising to hear that I am on a mission to continually expand my mind. I’ve always loved reading and am very popular at our local bookshop (an anachronism I know) and love using my monthly credit with Audible (part of your membership) to download a business book a month to enjoy ‘on…

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If It's Good Enough For Leonardo

My EA Career - If it's good enough for Leonardo

In 1994, Bill Gates shelled out USD$30 Million for 18 sheets of a notebook written by Leonardo Da Vinci. Called the Codex Leicester it contains sketches and notes by the great Renaissance man himself. When asked what drew him to possess the notebook, Gates remarked “It’s an inspiration that one person—off on their own, with…

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