The Value of a ‘Ta-Dah List’ for Executive Assistants


One thing I know to be true for you is that your To-Do list is an ever-expanding thing!

When I survey Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Administrative Assistants about what they find challenging about their role, I receive comments like this:

“time-management, constantly receiving urgent requests”


“getting tied down with the more basic administrative tasks instead of being able to focus on the more strategic items”


“juggling priorities for two different execs when everything feels like it needs to be done now”


“chasing outstanding items”


“Remembering to do little things that get thrown at you in different parts of the day, that are important but you are already doing something else that is of higher importance, then realising you forgot to do that thing someone asked you to do it too late”.


And what I also hear from Assistants is that they feel is that this is all usually happening unseen and undervalued!

That’s where the concept of a ‘Ta-Dah List’ comes in. In this blog post. we will explore the value of incorporating a Ta-Dah List into your routine as an executive assistant and how it can positively impact your mindset and productivity.

Acknowledging the Challenges:

EAs, PAs and Administrative Professionals often find themselves juggling priorities, chasing outstanding tasks, and constantly being pulled in different directions.

These challenges can make their contributions feel unseen and undervalued. Managing time efficiently becomes crucial for maintaining control and focus amidst the demanding nature of the role.

The Power of the To-Do List:

I know that your to-do list is an indispensable tool for you as an Assistant. Whether it is a traditional paper notebook, a digital planner, or a mobile app, a to-do list helps keep tasks organized and ensures nothing slips through the cracks. It provides a structured approach to managing daily responsibilities and acts as a guide throughout the day.

The Value of a 'Ta-Dah List' for Executive Assistants

Introducing the Ta-Dah List:

However, beyond the traditional to-do list, there exists a complementary practice that can provide a significant boost to your motivation and perspective – the Ta-Dah List. This additional list, compiled at the end of each week, serves as a powerful tool for recognizing and celebrating your achievements, no matter how big or small they may be.

Shifting Perspective and Fostering Motivation:

Running a business requires determination and resilience, traits that are equally valuable in the role of an executive assistant. For me, the Ta-Dah List offers a means to stay motivated even during challenging periods. By taking the time to reflect on your accomplishments and victories, you can fuel your sense of achievement and encourage a positive mindset.

Creating Your Ta-Dah List:

Devote half an hour each week to compile your Ta-Dah List. Write down bullet points or short descriptions of the milestones and accomplishments you’ve achieved throughout the week. These achievements go beyond revenue goals or business wins and can include overcoming mental blocks, making progress on projects, or even connecting with individuals you’ve been putting off reaching out to.

Harnessing the Power of Mindset:

Mindset plays a crucial role in an executive assistant’s success. By intentionally practicing the creation of a Ta-Dah List, you take control of your perspective and shift your focus towards the positive. While your to-do list may feel imposed upon you, the Ta-Dah List empowers you to curate a collection of accomplishments that truly reflect your contributions.

Embracing Ownership:

When you compile your Ta-Dah List, you become the decision-maker. You choose which achievements to include, emphasising the progress and impact you’ve made. This sense of ownership fosters a feeling of control and recognition, reinforcing your value as an executive assistant.

In Conclusion:

As an Assistant, the value of a Ta-Dah List cannot be overstated. By combining your traditional to-do list with a weekly reflection on your achievements, you can experience a mindset shift that bolsters motivation, resilience, and satisfaction. Remember, you are in control of what you include on your Ta-Dah List, enabling you to acknowledge and celebrate your contributions as the accomplished executive assistant you are.

I can only encourage you to give the Ta-Dah list a try and see how it makes you feel to affirm yourself for some of your wins of the week. Feel free to send me an email and let me know.

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